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PROFESSIONAL PERCUSSION PRODUCTS has created a sound room and show room to PLAY, SELECT and PURCHASE the most respected brands and products being played by classical percussionists worldwide. PLUS, we are able to MAIL ORDER anywhere in the United States as well as globally.

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express Accepted.

Our showroom is a by-appointment-only private "sound-check" experience for you to play and evaluate exactly what you're investing in before you select an instrument or accessory. You now have the opportunity to choose from the finest products, select the exact instrument you want, ... and take it with you.

Call us to schedule your individual appointment and to visit the Orchestral Percussion showroom or, ... to place your order for instruments and accessories shipped directly to you.




Marimba One - Considered the finest marimbas available for sound, quality and value, offering both custom and adjustable frame models. Specifications to your personal needs.

Clevelander Orchestral Snare Drums- Recognized as an orchestral standard, choose from our stock of professionally tuned and inspected inventory.

Ohio Timpani Sticks - Small, Medium and Large Felt Ball with Bamboo Shafts, providing perfectly matched shafts, precision hand-sewing, ideally suited for the professional player, serious student and instructor. These models are essentials for every timpani performance and student development. They produce a clear, focused, musical sound.

Manfred Kaufmann Timpani Sticks - Exclusively imported from Austria, beautifully designed and crafted by Austrian Timpanist, Manfred Kaufmann, creating clear, articulate and direct sounds with excellent tone quality. This series fills the void between wood and your present hard sticks.

King Kong Kases -Custom manufactured Timpani Trunks for all brands of timpani, custom made multiple Snare Drum Vaults and single Snare Cases. Protection for your most valuable instruments.

Epstein Symphonic Products - Castanets, castanet machine, and cymbal accessories. The professional standard.

Equilibrium - Brass mallets, log drums, woodblocks, and tilting, height-adjustable glock-stands. Custom made and creative percussion design.

Precision Classic Timpani - Portable, innovative chain-style timpani available in 16-32" diameters. Used by leading orchestras and colleges.

Grover Pro Percussion - A select assortment of their finest Tambourines, Triangles & beaters, orchestral Snare Drums, Concert Bass Drums, Stands & Beaters.

Treeworks - Considered the finest brand of Windchimes, accessories and specialty instruments, providing a complete array of sounds and textures for every musical application.

Vancore PSM 2001 Marimba - This instrument has been designed with natural ergonomics and affordability in mind. Player comfort, natural open resonance and playability are all attributes which define Vancore keyboard instruments.

Sabian Cymbals Can't make it to our Orchestral Percussion Showroom?..... Call us to order the cymbals you're looking for and we'll ship them to you via UPS. Select from the specific products, models, weights and cymbal sound characteristics as indicated here. IF you don't see the model,....we will get it for you direct from the factory. Please keep in mind, we seek to serve ORCHESTRAL cymbal and triangle needs and we therefore do not stock or sell other Sabian Drumset or Drum Corps products.

Fall Creek Glockenspiels - Now there is a solution to being able to hear, test and play all of the magnificent FALL CREEK GLOCKENSPIEL models in one place. Professional Percussion Products now STOCKS all models of instruments, hand-crafted by Bill Youhass. These instruments are available for immediate selection and purchase,...or can be shipped to individuals, orchestras and conservatories without any delivery delay. These personally selected instruments by Bill are in the perfect acoustical environment to hear and see the beauty of each Fall Creek instrument.