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Updated: 2/16/18

VANCORE MARIMBAS from Europe re-enter
United States market directly from

For the first time in almost a decade, Vancore Marimbas made in The Netherlands are once again available in the United States market. The Vancore brand and product has been recognized for outstanding sound, craftsmanship and value. Professional Percussion Products has been selling the Vancore products throughout the United States since 2003.

That same European quality and attention to design and sound becomes affordable and available once again. Beginning with the entry level PSM-1001 4.3 octave African Padouk bar instrument, this marimba has the sound, feel and appearance of a full-size professional instrument.

What makes this instrument better and different than everything else available?

Floating Bar Suspension
Most notable is the new 'floating bar suspension system' (FBS) This proprietary bar support system increases bar resonance by 20%! Precision laser cut bar support pins are angled to insure that each and every bar is supported exactly at the nodal point. Unlike all the other systems where each individual bar cord pin is mounted into wooden rails, the Vancore suspension system is modular and functions as an integral part of an overall ergonomically designed instrument.

ICS System
Integrated Cord Suspension - The innovative frame combines the beauty of solid wood end pieces and the strength of special designed steel bar-rails. This is the first marimba ever built with an integrated Free Floating Cord Suspension System. The ICS system provides a maximum bar suspension freedom which results in an optimum of bar resonance. These standard improvements to the Vancore instrument makes assembly and portability fast and easy.

The unique European-styled frame has solid Ashwood end pieces and special designed steel bar rails, eliminating "sagging bars" which develop as wood rails fatigue over the years. Precision laser cut bar support posts are angled to insure that every bar is supported matching exactly to the bar's nodal point. Professional wide-sized bars, manufactured from selected kiln dried first choice African Padouk, creates a warm full-sounding instrument.

Vancore Resonators are individually hand-tuned and permanently assembled to eliminate every kind of rattle, buzz or vibration noise. Locking Folding Bar Rails stay straight and vibration free, fitting firmly into the Ashwood frame end pieces.

Simple and secure height adjustment levers at both end of the instrument provide maximum flexibility for stage performance or teaching studio requirements. Four large locking casters makes moving the instrument through doorways and ramps easy while providing a stationary position on stage.

Instrument specifications:
Range: 4.3 Octave
Keyboard: African Padouk, A-C-4
Graduated bar width 2 1/2 to 1 5/8th"
Tuning: A-442
Frame: Height adjustable 33 1/2 to 42"
Casters: Four-locking

SELLING PRICE: $2750 plus freight to your studio, school or residence.

RESERVE YOUR INSTRUMENT NOW, by calling Professional Percussion Products at 440-877-9674. Instrument U.S.A arrival schedules and introductory market pricing is now available.

P.O. Box 33252
Website: www.professionalpercussionproducts.com