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Updated: 2/6/2022

All Models In Stock

Professional Percussion Products introduces: Wave Wrap Mallet In-Stock

Marimba One's new "equatorial" Wave Wrap™ mallets feature a clear sound across an expanded range on any keyboard. It has been referred to as their most articulate and responsive series to date, and is available in both rattan and birch handles.


Increased Striking Range and Responsiveness: The highest concentration of yarn is wrapped around the mallet's equator, creating an increased striking surface and a mallet that is more responsive than traditionally wrapped mallets.

Articulation and Balance: The Wave Wrap's™ blend of wool and nylon yarn minimizes contact sound and enhances articulation. Using Wave Wrap™ technology, the mallet is balanced to facilitate the ease of movement in the player's hand.

Beauty: The double equatorial wrap creates a chevron pattern around the playing surface and a distinctive wave on top of the head - two unique visual signatures for these finest of marimba mallets.

COLIN CURRY Signature Mallet In-Stock

The Colin Currie Signature Mallet Series was created as a simple and straightforward addition to the Marimba One mallet line, representing a focused, polished approach to sound. This is a light weight series with flexibility in feel and touch to give access to the entire dynamic range of the keyboard.

Colin's versatile mallets encourage spontaneity, as each can be used with great force or delicacy without any unsatisfactory change in timbre.

This series contains four mallets, featuring one unwrapped mallet and three wrapped mallets, all available in both birch and rattan handles.

Ivana Bilic Signature Mallets

In creating her new signature mallet line, Ivana wanted to emphasize the singing characteristic of the marimba, by relating the sounds that each mallet makes to human vocal qualities.

With this concept in mind, Ivana has created a scale for her mallets that utilizes the language of vocal range and timbre. Her definitions for each mallet combine the ideal playing range for a mallet with the color/timbre of its sound.

The scale does follow a hard to soft progression, but loosely, as hardness alone is not enough to define each mallet.

  • IBR1: High Soprano - very hard

  • IBR2: Singing Tenor - medium hard

  • IBR3: Boy Alto - medium

  • IBR4: Dramatic Baritone - medium hard

  • IBR5: Smooth Bass - very soft

  • IBR6: Power Bass - medium soft
Ivana Bilic Singing Mallets - In Depth

IBR1: The High Soprano is light and piercing, with crisp clear sound and articulation. It is designed for virtuoso passages in the upper register and aggressive contemporary-styled pieces.

IBR2: The Singing Tenor is an expressive solo singing mallet, with a clear but warm and noble sound. It is ideal as a general mallet, adaptive to individual playing style and wide repertoire.

IBR3: The Boy Alto is a "shy" mallet that doesn't look for a flashy entrance. It is slightly lighter and softer then IBR5, introspective with a pure and "innocent" sound, and ideal for chamber music and J.S. Bach.

IBR4: The Dramatic Baritone is bold, powerful and... dramatic! It is heavy, with a good bounce, and groovy. Ivana recommends it for use as the bass mallet for a combined set, with two IB2's or IB3 + IB2 as the two inner mallets.

IBR5: The Smooth Bass has choral quality and a velvet humming sound. It is ideal for roll sections and legato playing.

IBR6: The Power Bass combines weight, and robust and rich sound, with articulation. It is heavier and harder than the IB5, and makes the low C really ring. Well suited for legato, rolled or fast passages, it sounds particularly nice in the two lowest octaves, enhancing the fundamental with a powerful, vibrant and clear sound. Ivana recommends it as the bass mallet for a combined set, with two IB5's or IB5 + IB4 as the two inner mallets. The combination of softer mallets with IB6 as the bass mallet works very well for chords (with or without rolls) because it emphasizes the bass line, and gives to the chord the right harmonic quality.

Katarzyna Mycka Professional Mallet Series

The new Marimba One Katarzyna Mycka Professional Mallet Series was developed to project maximum sound in ensemble and orchestra settings. To do this, a mallet with an immediate attack that also brought out the warmth of the fundamental tone of the marimba was needed.

The Katarzyna Mycka Professional Mallet Series are wrapped very tightly with all synthetic yarn. The combination of synthetic yarn and the tight wrap gives the immediate response of the bar that is required for ensemble and orchestra playing. The heavy weight of these mallets brings out the warmth of the bars by physically putting into motion the fundamental frequency of the bars.

Each mallet in the series has a unique character; following are some of Katarzyna's instrumental choices, to help you select the mallet that exactly fits your needs!

KMB1 (very hard): Eckhard Kopetzki - Etude Hommage, Concerto for marimba and strings (4th Mvmt)

KMB2 (hard): Leander Kaiser - Hurricane's Eye; Ney Rosauro - Marimba concerto No. 1 (3rd Mvmt, 2nd Mvmt - right hand), No. 2 (3rd Mvmt); Andrew Thomas - Merlin (2nd Mvmt); John Thrower - Aurora borealis (1st Mvmt); Anders Koppel - Concerto No. 1 (3rd Mvmt); Toshimitsu Tanaka - Two Movements (1st)

KMB3 (medium hard): Keiko Abe - Dream of the Cherry Blossoms (+ one KMB4); Matthias Schmitt - Sechs Miniaturen (6th); Gordon Stout - Two Mexican Dances; Ney Rosauro - Concerto No. 2 (1st Mvmt)

KMB4 (medium): Keiko Abe - Kazak Lullaby (+ one KMB5); Matthias Schmitt - Corrido; Ney Rosauro - Concerto No. 1 (1st)

KMB5 (medium soft): Anna Ignatowicz - Toccata; Ney Rosauro - Concerto No. 2 (2nd Mvmt); Minoru Miki - Marimba Spiritual (opening part)

KMB6 (soft): David Maslanka - My Lady White (1st Mvmt); Ney Rosauro - Concerto No. 1 (2nd Mvmt, left hand)

KMB7 (very soft): Andrew Thomas - Merlin (1st Mvmt); Matthias Schmitt - Sechs Miniaturen (2nd)

Double Helix Mallet Series

The Double Helix Series was developed to bring out the warmth of the fundamental throughout the range of the 5-octave marimba. The relaxed yarn tension on these mallets enhances the smooth, dark attack of the mallet.

Creativity Unique to Marimba One

The Double Helix Series of mallets are wound using two separate pieces of yarn that are wrapped simultaneously using a patent pending process. This allows for not only two colors of yarn but also two types of yarn to be blended. The line of mallets is wound using either wool yarn, nylon yarn or both wool and nylon yarn. The use of two types of yarns allows for the creation of sounds that are not possible using one type of yarn.

Another innovation is the production of dual core mallets. In this patent pending process Marimba One utilizes the latest technology in injection molded polymers. By carefully layering hard and soft materials within the injection molding process Marimba One was able to construct mallets that have an expanded tonal range on the marimba. This layering process is also ideally suited for two-tone mallets. Using this technique they were also able to construct mallets of the same size and hardness but with different weights. For example, a medium heavy mallet and a medium light mallet would have the exact same size and hardness but differ in weight.

The Double Helix mallets are available in five styles (hard to soft) with either birch or rattan handles.

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